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IDCMP Class: Time ticks


Source position: intuition.pas line 730

const IDCMP_INTUITICKS = 1 shl 22;


Intuition sends these messages to the active window based on an internal timer which "ticks" roughly ten times a second. This provides the application with simple timer events from Intuition.

Intuition does not allow IDCMP_INTUITICKS events to accumulate at a port. After an IDCMP_INTUITICKS message has been sent to a port, Intuition will not send another until the application replies to the first. This means that an application that has not been able to service the IDCMP for an extended period can expect at most one IDCMP_INTUITICKS message to be waiting at the port.

These events are to be used as "prods", and not as time counters. Do not rely on the timing accuracy of the event, or on the exact frequency at which they appear. Remember, IDCMP_INTUITICKS will only be sent to the active window. If the user selects another window, the events will no longer be received at the first window.

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