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IDCMP class: Preferences are changed


Source position: intuition.pas line 722

const IDCMP_NEWPREFS = 1 shl 14;


IDCMP_NEWPREFS messages are sent when the system Preferences are changed by a call to SetPrefs(). The program can learn of these changes by setting this flag.

After receiving a message of class IDCMP_NEWPREFS, the application should call GetPrefs() to obtain a copy of the new Preferences.

Under the new Preferences scheme used an IDCMP_NEWPREFS message will not always be sent when the user changes a Preferences setting. Only Preferences values that can be modified by a call to SetPrefs(), will cause an IDCMP_NEWPREFS message to be sent. New Preferences items such as overscan or font settings rely on filesystem notification for monitoring changes.

This message type is broadcast to all IDCMP that have this flag set, not just to the active window. If the application has this flag set, it should be prepared to handle the event even if it is not active.

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