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IDCMP class: Raw keycodes from keyboard


Source position: intuition.pas line 718

const IDCMP_RAWKEY = 1 shl 10;


IDCMP_RAWKEY messages give the raw keycodes from the keyboard. The numeric value of the keycode is sent in the Code field. Separate codes are returned for key down and key up. Qualifier codes, such as Shift or Alt and whether this key is a repeat, may be found in the Qualifier field of the message.

In general, the application should not assume any correspondence between the keycode and the key value. Character positions on the keyboard change from country to country, and the application should respect the keymap set by the user.

Programs using IDCMP_RAWKEY messages should perform their own key mapping by calling the console.device function RawKeyConvert(), or the keymap.library function MapRawKey(). (The latter is a bit more convenient). The Autodoc for the MapRawKey() function shows how you can process so-called dead keys. A dead key is a key combination that has no immediate effect, but instead modifies a subsequent keystroke. For example, on the default keymap, Alt-F is a dead key for the acute accent mark. The sequence of Alt-F followed by the E key yields an é with an acute accent.

The application can assume that certain keys will always return the same raw keycode, these keys do not have to be mapped. In general these keys are in the high part of the keymap, above $40, and includes all non-alphanumeric keys. The fixed keys include the function keys, backspace, delete, help and cursor keys.

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