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Do an Intuition-integrated MakeVPort() of a screen.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3250

function MakeScreen(

  Screen: PScreen





Address of the custom screen structure

Function result

Returns zero for success, non-zero for failure. Probable cause of failure is failure of MakeVPort().


This procedure allows you to do a MakeVPort() for the viewport of your custom screen in an Intuition-integrated way. This way you can do your own screen manipulations without worrying about interference with Intuition's usage of the same viewport.

The operation of this function is as follows:

After calling this routine, you should call RethinkDisplay() to incorporate the new viewport of your custom screen into the Intuition display.

Note: Intuition may determine that because of a change in global interlace needs that all viewports need to be remade, so it may effectively call RemakeDisplay().

See also





Grand manipulation of the entire Intuition display.



Generate display copper list for a viewport.

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