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Identify next public screen in the cycle.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3276

function NextPubScreen(

  Screen: PScreen;

  Namebuf: PChar





A pointer to the public screen your window is open in or nil if you don't have a pointer to a public screen.



A pointer to a buffer with (at least) MAXPUBSCREENNAME + 1 characters to put the name of the next public screen in.

Function result

Returns namebuff or nil if there are no public screens.


Returns name of next public screen in system rotation, to allow visitor windows to provide function to "jump" among public-screens in a cycle.


There is no guarantee that the public screen whose name was returned by this function will exist or be in "public" state by the time you call LockPubScreen(), etc. You must handle cases where LockPubScreen(), etc. will fail.

Note that this function may return the name of a public screen which is open but in "private mode" (see PubScreenStatus() and PSNF_PRIVATE).

The cycle order is undefined, so draw no conclusions based on it!

See also



Open an Intuition screen



Change status flags for a public screen.

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