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This method tells an object to add an object to its broadcast list.


Source position: intuition.pas line 1772

const OM_ADDMEMBER = OM_Dummy + 9;


Tells an object to add another object to its personal Exec list. What the list is for depends on the class. The return value for this method is not explicitly defined.

One class that uses this method is modelclass. A modelclass object maintains a broadcast list. When a modelclass object gets an OM_NOTIFY message, it broadcasts an OM_UPDATE message about the OM_NOTIFY to every object in its broadcast list.

This method uses TopMember message.

opam_Object is the object to add to the list. A dispatcher typically implements OM_ADDMEMBER by sending the OM_ADDTAIL message to the opam_Object object.

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Perform method on object coerced to superclass.

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