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Set the screen title bar display mode.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3234

procedure ShowTitle(

  Screen: PScreen;

  ShowIt: LongBool





A pointer to a Screen structure



A Boolean: True or False describing whether to show or hide the screen title bar


This routine sets the SHOWTITLE flag of the specified screen, and then coordinates the redisplay of the screen and its windows.

The screen title bar can appear either in front of or behind WFLG_BACKDROP windows. This is contrasted with the fact that non-WFLG_BACKDROP windows always appear in front of the screen title bar. You specify whether you want the screen title bar to be in front of or behind the screen's WFLG_BACKDROP windows by calling this routine.

The ShowIt argument should be set to either True or False. If True, the screen's title bar will be shown in front of WFLG_BACKDROP windows.

If False, the title bar will be rendered behind all windows.

When a screen is first opened, the default setting of the SHOWTITLE flag is True.

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