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Old Style Preferences


Source position: intuition.pas line 1443

type TPreferences = record

  FontHeight: ShortInt;


height for system default font

  PrinterPort: Byte;


printer port connection constant describing what's hooked up to the port

  BaudRate: Word;


baud rate for the serial port

  KeyRptSpeed: TTimeval;


repeat speed for keyboard

  KeyRptDelay: TTimeval;


Delay before keys repeat

  DoubleClick: TTimeval;


Interval allowed between clicks

  PointerMatrix: array [0..POINTERSIZE-1] of Word;


Mouse Data: Definition of pointer sprite

  XOffset: ShortInt;


Mouse Data: X-Offset for active 'bit'

  YOffset: ShortInt;


Mouse Data: Y-Offset for active 'bit'

  color17: Word;


Mouse Data: Colours for sprite pointer

  color18: Word;


Mouse Data:

  color19: Word;


Mouse Data:

  PointerTicks: Word;


Mouse Data: Sensitivity of the pointer

  color0: Word;


Workbench Screen colors

  color1: Word;


Standard default colours

  color2: Word;


Used in the Workbench

  color3: Word;


  ViewXOffset: ShortInt;


Offset for top lefthand corner

  ViewYOffset: ShortInt;


Y dimensions

  ViewInitX: SmallInt;


X dimensions

  ViewInitY: SmallInt;


View initial offset values

  EnableCLI: LongBool;


CLI availability switch

  PrinterType: Word;


printer type

  PrinterFilename: array [0..FILENAME_SIZE-1] of Char;


file for printer

  PrintPitch: Word;


print pitch

  PrintQuality: Word;


print quality

  PrintSpacing: Word;


number of lines per inch

  PrintLeftMargin: Word;


left margin in characters

  PrintRightMargin: Word;


right margin in characters

  PrintImage: Word;


positive or negative

  PrintAspect: Word;


horizontal or vertical

  PrintShade: Word;


b/w, half-tone, or color

  PrintThreshold: SmallInt;


darkness ctrl for b/w dumps

  PaperSize: Word;


paper size

  PaperLength: Word;


paper length in number of lines

  PaperType: Word;


continuous or single sheet

  SerRWBits: Byte;


Serial Setting: upper nibble = (8-number of read bits), lower nibble = (8-number of write bits)

  SerStopBuf: Byte;


Serial Setting: upper nibble = (number of stop bits - 1), lower nibble = (table value for BufSize)

  SerParShk: Byte;


Serial Setting: upper nibble = (value for Parity setting), lower nibble = (value for Handshake mode)

  LaceWB: Byte;


if workbench is to be interlaced

  Pad: array [0..11] of Byte;


  PrtDevName: array [0..DEVNAME_SIZE-1] of Char;


Device used by printer.device (leave out the ".device")

  DefaultPrtUnit: Byte;


Default unit opened by printer.device

  DefaultSerUnit: Byte;


Default serial unit

  RowSizeChange: ShortInt;


Affect NormalDisplayRows/Columns

  ColumnSizeChange: ShortInt;


  PrintFlags: Word;


user preference flags

  PrintMaxWidth: Word;


max width of printed picture in 10ths/inch

  PrintMaxHeight: Word;


max height of printed picture in 10ths/inch

  PrintDensity: Byte;


print density

  PrintXOffset: Byte;


offset of printed picture in 10ths/inch

  wb_Width: Word;


override default workbench width

  wb_Height: Word;


override default workbench height

  wb_Depth: Byte;


override default workbench depth

  ext_size: Byte;


extension information -- do not touch! extension size in blocks of 64 bytes DO NOT TOUCH


See also



Get a copy of the the Intuition default Preferences.



Get the current Intuition Preferences structure.



Set Intuition preferences data.

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