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IntuiMessage TabletData


Source position: intuition.pas line 486

type TTabletData = record

  td_XFraction: Word;


Sub-pixel position of tablet, in screen coordinates, scaled to fill a Word fraction:

  td_YFraction: Word;


  td_TabletX: LongWord;


Current tablet coordinates along each axis

  td_TabletY: LongWord;


  td_RangeX: LongWord;


Tablet range along each axis. For example, if td_TabletX can take values 0-999, td_RangeX should be 1000.

  td_RangeY: LongWord;


  td_TagList: PTagItem;


Pointer to tag-list of additional tablet attributes. TABLETA_*



If your window sets WA_TabletMessages to True, then it will receive extended IntuiMessages (TExtIntuiMessage) whose .eim_TabletData field points at a TabletData structure. This structure contains additional information about the input event.

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