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Tag for OpenWindowTagList().


Source position: intuition.pas line 911

const WA_RMBTrap = WA_Dummy + 39;


Catch right mouse button events for application use. Set this flag to disable menu operations for the window. When set, right mouse button events will be received as IDCMP_MOUSEBUTTONS with the MENUUP and MENUDOWN qualifiers. Equivalent to TNewWindow.Flags with set WFLG_RMBTRAP.

The WFLG_RMBTRAP flag in the Window structure Flags field may be modified on the fly by the program. Changing this flag must be done as an atomic operation, as Intuition can preempt a multistep set or clear operation. An atomic operation can be done in assembler, using instructions that operate directly on memory. If you are unsure of generating such an instruction, place the operation within a Forbid()/Permit() pair. This will ensure proper operation by disabling multitasking while the flag is being changed.

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