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IDCMP class: Contains reports about mouse button up and down events.


Source position: intuition.pas line 711

const IDCMP_MOUSEBUTTONS = 1 shl 3;


Contains reports about mouse button up and down events. The events will be sent to the application only if they are not used internally by Intuition.

The Code field contains information on the specific mouse button event this message represents. The Code field will be equal to SELECTDOWN, SELECTUP, MENUDOWN, MENUUP, MIDDLEDOWN or MIDDLEUP, depending on the button pressed or released. In general, the select button is the left mouse button, the menu button is the right mouse button and the middle button is an optional third button usually located between the select and menu buttons.

Often, a mouse button event has extra meaning to Intuition, and the application may hear about it through a more specific message, for example a gadget or menu event. Other times, no event is generated at all, such as when the user depth-arranges a screen by clicking on the screen depth gadget. Note that menu button events are normally consumed by Intuition for menu handling. If an application wishes to hear IDCMP_MOUSEBUTTONS events for the menu button, it must set the WA_RMBTrap> attribute for its window.

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