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Change window to "alternate" position and dimensions.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3271

procedure ZipWindow(

  Window: PWindow





Window to be changed.


Changes the position and dimension of a window to the values at the last occasion of ZipWindow being called (or invoked via the "zoom" gadget).

Typically this is used to snap between a normal, large, working dimension of the window to a smaller, more innocuous position and dimension.

Like MoveWindow(), SizeWindow(), and ChangeWindowBox(), the action of this function is deferred to the Intuition input handler.

More tuning needs to be done to establish initial values for the first invocation of this function for a window. You can provide initial values using the OpenWindowTagList() tag item WA_Zoom.

It could also use a new name, but "ZoomWindow" is misleading, since "Zoom" normally implies "scale."

The zoom gadget will appear (in the place of the old "toback" gadget) when you open your window if you either specify a sizing gadget or use WA_Zoom.

You can detect that this function has taken effect by receiving an IDCMP_CHANGEWINDOW IDCMP message.

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