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IDCMP class:


Source position: intuition.pas line 728

const IDCMP_DELTAMOVE = 1 shl 20;


IDCMP_DELTAMOVE is not a message type, and events will never be sent to the application with this IDCMP identifier. This flag is a modifier, which changes how mouse movements are reported. When this flag is set, mouse movements are sent as delta values rather than as absolute positions.

The deltas are the amount of change of the mouse position from the last reported position. If the mouse does not move, then the delta values will be zero.

This flag works in conjunction with the IDCMP_MOUSEMOVE flag. When IDCMP_DELTAMOVE is set, IDCMP_MOUSEBUTTONS messages will also have relative values, instead of the absolute window position of the mouse.

Delta mouse movements are reported even after the Intuition pointer has reached the limits of the display. That is, if the pointer has reached the edge of the display and the user continues to move the mouse in the same direction, the IDCMP_MOUSEMOVE messages will continue to report changes in the mouse position even though the pointer is no longer moving.

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