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IDCMP class: keyboard events


Source position: intuition.pas line 729

const IDCMP_VANILLAKEY = 1 shl 21;


IDCMP_VANILLAKEY messages return keyboard events translated into the current default character keymap. The mapped character value is returned in the Code field.

An IDCMP_VANILLAKEY message is sent only if the translation results in a single byte value, therefore the program cannot read the Help or function keys using IDCMP_VANILLAKEY.

Programs using IDCMP_VANILLAKEY which also require the additional information of special keys, such as the Help key and the function keys, may set both IDCMP_VANILLAKEY and IDCMP_RAWKEY. When this combination is used, all keypresses that map to single character values will be returned as IDCMP_VANILLAKEY events; all other keyboard events will be sent as IDCMP_RAWKEY messages. Note that IDCMP_VANILLAKEY processing uses all of the key-up events, so the application will only receive key-down events in the IDCMP_RAWKEY format.

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