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Function id for only existing custom string gadget edit hook. process mouse click cursor position


Source position: intuition.pas line 2433

const SGH_CLICK = 2;


This hook command is called when Intuition wants to position the cursor in response to a mouse click in the string gadget. Again, here are no parameters following the command LongWord. This time, Intuition has already calculated the mouse position character cell and put it in TSGWork.BufferPos. The previous BufferPos value remains in the TSGWork.StringInfo.BufferPos.

Intuition will again use the TSGWork fields listed above for SGH_KEY. One restriction is that you are not allowed to set SGA_END or SGA_REUSE for this command. Intuition will not stand for a gadget which goes inactive when you click in it.

You should always leave the SGA_REDISPLAY flag set, since Intuition uses this processing when activating a string gadget.

Documentation generated on: 2017-01-10