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Function id for only existing custom string gadget edit hook. process editing keystroke


Source position: intuition.pas line 2432

const SGH_KEY = 1;


There are no parameters following the command LongWord. Intuition will put its idea of proper values in the TSGWork before calling you, and if you leave SGA_USE set in the TSGWork.Actions field, Intuition will use the values found in TSGWork fields WorkBuffer, NumChars, BufferPos, and LongInt_, copying the WorkBuffer back to the StringInfo Buffer.

Note: You may not change other TSGWork fields. If you clear SGA_USE, the string gadget will be unchanged.

If you set SGA_END, Intuition will terminate the activation of the string gadget. If you also set SGA_REUSE, Intuition will reuse the input event after it deactivates your gadget. In this case, Intuition will put the value found in TSGWork.Code into the TIntuiMessage.Code field of the IDCMP_GADGETUP message it sends to the application.

If you set SGA_BEEP, Intuition will call DisplayBeep() use this if the user has typed in error, or buffer is full.

Set SGA_REDISPLAY if the changes to the gadget warrant a gadget redisplay. Note: cursor movement requires a redisplay. You may set SGA_PREVACTIVE or SGA_NEXTACTIVE when you set SGA_END. This tells Intuition that you want the next or previous gadget with GFLG_TABCYCLE to be activated.

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