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Tag start for OpenScreenTagList() Selects one of the preferences system fonts: 0 - old DefaultFont, fixed-width 1 - WB Screen preferred font


Source position: intuition.pas line 1245

const SA_SysFont = SA_Dummy + 12;


Alternative to SA_Font. Selects one of the preferences system fonts. Data is a LongWord, with the following values defined:

Open screen with the user's preferred fixed width font (the default).
Open screen with the user's preferred font, which may be proportional.

The Workbench screen is opened with [SA_SysFont, 1]. Table summarizes how the font selected at OpenScreen() time effects subsequent text operations in screens and windows.

What you tell OpenScreen() Screen font Window.RPort font
A. TNewScreen.Font = myfont myfont myfont
B. TNewScreen.Font = nil AGraphics.TGfxBase.DefaultFont AGraphics.TGfxBase.DefaultFont
C. [SA_Font, myfont] myfont myfont
D. [SA_SysFont, 0] AGraphics.TGfxBase.DefaultFont AGraphics.TGfxBase.DefaultFont
E. [SA_SysFont, 1] Font Prefs Screen text AGraphics.TGfxBase.DefaultFont


The screen's font may not legally be changed after a screen is opened. The menu bar, window titles, menu items, and the contents of a string gadget all use the screen's font. The font used for menu items can be overridden in the menu item's IntuiText structure. Under V36 and higher, the font used in a string gadget can be overridden through the StringExtend structure. The font of the menu bar and window titles cannot be overridden.

The Window.RPort font shown above is the initial font that Intuition sets in your window's RastPort. It is legal to change that subsequently with SetFont(). IntuiText rendered into a window (either through PrintIText() or as a TGadget.GadgetText) defaults to the window's RastPort font, but can be overridden using its AGraphics.TGadget.TITextFont field. Text rendered with the graphics library call GfxText() uses the window's RastPort font.

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